About John Guthrie | Teacher

Who is John Guthrie? That’s not such an easy question to answer.
When I really reflect on who I am, I am a lot of contradictions rolled into one.

John Guthrie is an early childhood educator. He is also a certified reading specialist and a certified math teacher. Affinities for math and technology are usually rare in the lower grades, and John is always looking for ways to help his students embrace it too.

John Guthrie is probably one of the only teachers you know with a welder at home that they can use proficiently. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle, going fishing (especially for salmon and trout), going camping, and spending time on boats.

John Guthrie, as a teacher, is very much interested in the latest technology, though his current budget doesn’t allow him to generally own the latest and greatest. Everything he does, I like to be the best that he can be doing it. John is always striving to be his best and better his knowledge and skills.

John Guthrie is also married. He has been married for almost 13 years now. While they don’t have any children, they do have a cat and a rat. The rat is John’s classroom pet that comes home with him every night.

John Guthrie’s Future
John earned his Master’s Degree in Educational/Instructional Technology from Boise State University because he wanted to bring more technology into early childhood education. See his Edtech ePortfolio here, or check out his publications on Issuu.

As a teacher, John Guthrie believes that our future, and much of our present, is greatly dependent on our use of technology. To not bring technology to the young children is a disservice to them and our future.


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