John Guthrie riding his 2009 VStar 950

John Guthrie

I am an early elementary teacher. This year I taught a split class of first and second grade.
When I am not teaching, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, camping, and fishing.
I am a strong believer that technology is our future. I find that the majority of teachers that teach early elementary have little experience in technology. I want to bring technology to children in early elementary.
This year I set up a little technology center in my room and rotated children in and out of it during different times of the day. For the start up page, I used a few different strategies.
Last year, as my only real use of html coding, I “wrote” a default webpage using a combination of word and notepad that had some links on it to guide the children to the websites that I wanted them to go.
This year, the school had server issues and some of the computers didn’t have server access to use the most up to date version, or an version, of the page. As a result, I used :
-this is an easy to use, quick to load, web linking website *free
-leveled readers and matching comprehension quizzes *subscription
-you can create spelling word lists and link to your specific list *free
-basic reading and phonics skills *free
-online interactive books *free if linked through a library
-has mostly complete curriculum to supplement classroom activities *free
-math and logic based games, highly motivating and useful as a reward *free


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