RSS for Educators

RSS for Educators

The use of RSS feeds is new to me. Because some spam emails, years ago, had RSS links on them I was under the false assumption that RSS was somehow a part of spam email distribution. Because I have been avoiding RSS feeds, I have set up email alerts and subscriptions with sites that I want to keep up on. To handle the incoming emails, I set up several special filters in my email with folders so emails from these sites wouldn’t clog up my regular email inbox.

Now I know better.

My goal is to convert all of my email subscriptions to RSS feeds. That part shouldn’t be difficult. After I subscribe to the RSS feed, I need to unsubscribe to the emails that I get. This should really free up my email account and make finding the information that I want easier. Now I can file my email sorting skills under the same category as my newspaper folding skills.

Now that I am an RSS convert, there are many ways I can use this in my classroom. If the students are using blogs to post comments or assignment, I can subscribe to the students’ blogs. As the students submit posts related to assignments, I can check the students’ work without having to open every blog to look for updates and grade assignments.

The students, or I, can put an RSS feed on the students’ homepage. This feed, or feed bundle, can help keep the students informed. The feed can be from my blog with classroom news, assignment updates and reminders. The feed can also be from other students’ blogs so they can see what they are doing.

I can use RSS feeds to help inform my lesson plans. I am making bundles of RSS feeds that are linked to some of my favorite teaching resource sites. This will help me keep a cutting edge on my lesson planning. Some of the sites don’t have RSS feeds that I can subscribe to. Using Page2RSS I can add those sites to my bundle so I will know when they are updated.

I can never leave well enough alone. I wanted to have my actual RSS feed here, not just a link. I created a WidgetBox blidget using the “Add a Link” link from my Google Reader bundle. I then embedded the blidget using the flash embed code and adapting it into a gigya widget. Detailed instructions here

In case you’d rather, my link RSS for Educators


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