Week 4 Reflection

This week I created the PaintPot app. This app walked me through the process of creating a drawing canvas, handling the touch events and the drag events, and screen arrangements.

The result was an app that started with a picture that you could draw on using three different colors, lines, or two different sizes of dots. You could also use your own picture to draw and doodle on.

After reading chapter 16 about programming the app’s memory, I wanted to add some component(s) that used variables. I used 3 variables for the rainbow color effect and 1 variable for the dot size. The app worked well and was fairly straight forward to program.

I then wanted some way to know what color the drawing pen was and what size. I used text boxes and set their text to the appropriate variables. I didn’t like how the user could select and type in the box. The box was intended for notification, not input. I changed the text boxes for labels and got the results I was looking for.

For more modifications, I would add an element that allows you to save what is on the screen. Perhaps even send the picture via sms or email.


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