No Texting While Driving

No Texting While Driving App, now with stalker avoidance!

Have you ever been bothered by stalkers, but you still want to keep your family updated with your whereabouts? This app is for you!

Along with the basics, this app has some upgrades.

  • Create a blocked phone list to avoid sending auto response texts and/or your whereabouts.
  • Create an approved phone list if you just want to share a response, or your whereabouts with a couple people and not the rest of the world.
  • Every text that comes in will be read out loud. It will also tell you if an auto response text was sent.
  • Add or remove numbers from the approved number list and the blocked numbers list. The app will remember what numbers you put in.
  • Click on the Save Settings button to hide all of your settings. This will help you avoid accidentally changing settings.
The original project took about an hour to do. The customizations I put in took me another 4 hours.I would like to share my blocks, but I can’t fit them all on one screen. If I figure out how to format them, I will add them to a post here.

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