Week 6 Reflection

No Texting While Driving —

This app got away from me this week. I completed the entire project in about an hour. Then I sat and thought about how I could adjust this app in some way that would be useful to me.

I like to ride my motorcycle, and I can’t/won’t text and ride a motorcycle. But I thought it would be nice if my wife could check on me to see where I am and if I’m on my way home. Well I don’t want my neighbor, or my boss, to necessarily know where I am, so I added some conditions.

I was really busy this week making tinydb’s to make persistent data and using foreach’s to change the phone lists into readable text.

Before I knew it, I had spent many more hours adding more and more functions to the app. Now it is finished enough for me to use. If really like the app, I will need to polish it up  a bit before I share.


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