Wheres My ____

Additional Features:

  • Arrow which points from current gps to destination gps – this would be helpful if walking (or boating) to destination
  • Arrow points to destination regardless of phone orientation (uses phone’s azimuth data)
  • Auto ranging distance indicator (miles, yards, feet)
  • a details space to add a note of location
  • the screen name changes to the current destination’s details
  • saves the most recent 13 destinations, selectable from a listpicker

My vision is that you could have a list of common destinations that you could select from. Maybe you could save every fishing hole on a lake or locations of hunting blinds.

The app works fine, but I am having a tough time with the GPS function. I think it is mainly my phone because when it first starts up, or when a new destination is set, the distance and direction are fairly accurate. As I move, walking or driving, the gps seems to be very iffy as far as accuracy. I tried many things, including disabling then enabling the gps every time a location is found.


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