W10 Reflection

Interesting assignment. While the project itself was straight forward, I found it a little difficult coming up with significant modifications.

I started with multiple quizzes with multiple choice answers. I didn’t like where it was going. I switched to making Mad Libs and it was really fun.

I wanted to have a picture of each part of speech, but I couldn’t find pictures that I liked, so I have background pictures that are dependent on which quiz is being taken.

I set all of the variables to tinyDBs because my app has 4 screens and I found that tinyDBs are the easiest way to pass information from one screen to the next.

My app now has a choice of quizzes, each with a distinctive different set of answers required to complete the mad lib. The answers are persistent (on purpose) so I also included a reset button to clear the answers. On the last screen, my app reads the finished mad lib. I included buttons for American and British English. I tried other countries, but the rest sounded the same. I tried other languages, but the result was mostly unintelligible.


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