What you have learned from peer feedback, working on your blocks, etc.;

So far, the most significant thing I learned is work in small pieces. It is better to have several procedures with small responsibilities than to have one big procedure that does a bunch of things. On the same lines of thinking, I find it better to have multiple screens than to have one screen and hide and show pieces as necessary.

The fun part

My favorite part is being able to see the changes real time. In the past it has been program for a day and then hope it works. Watching the changes happen as I program incorporates a lot of the debugging process.

Plus, who doesn’t enjoy having their android device say random phrases.

The questions/difficulties

A couple of the more frustrating parts are; not being able to copy blocks from one screen to another and having to make a list of components to use the generic “any” function. Overall, these are just annoyances and add to the programming time, but easy enough to work around and through.

My updated blocks and screen shots




Screenshot_2012-12-02-14-01-07UserSelect Screen10

UserSelect Screen1UserSelect Screen4

UserSelect Screen2UserSelect Screen5UserSelect Screen8UserSelect Screen3UserSelect Screen6UserSelect Screen7

Admin Screen

Screenshot_2012-12-02-14-01-30Admin Screen4

Admin Screen1

Admin Screen2

Admin Screen3

Menu Screen

Screenshot_2012-12-02-14-02-20Menu Screen3

Menu Screen1

Menu Screen2

Character Catch Screen

Catch Screen 4

Catch Screen 3

Catch Screen

Catch Screen 2


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