Describe what you have learned from the feedback, the fun part, and/or the questions/difficulties you might have encountered when debugging your own apps

One problem that I am starting to run into is performance. I have to make sure I run an app killer before starting the blocks editor.

What’s working:

  • User select screen shows a list of names that are entered.
  • Admin screen lets you add and remove names
  • Menu screen gives verbal choices
  • Character catching is working, and it tracks where the each user left off

What’s not working:

  • Character trace screen is not working. The code I originally tried, did not work as expected. This feature may be more involved than I can finish in a timely manner. My goal for this screen was to allow the user to trace a letter and give audio/haptic feedback when the user is on track.

What would I like to add:

  • Password enter field to access the admin screen
  • graphical data showing progress of each user
  • Capital letters and Numerals

My updated blocks and screen shots

There are a lot of screenshots so I could get all of my blocks. Click on the pictures to see them in a larger size.




Screenshot_2012-12-02-14-01-07UserSelect Screen10

UserSelect Screen1UserSelect Screen4

UserSelect Screen2UserSelect Screen5UserSelect Screen8UserSelect Screen3UserSelect Screen6UserSelect Screen7

Admin Screen

Screenshot_2012-12-02-14-01-30Admin Screen4

Admin Screen1

Admin Screen2

Admin Screen3

Menu Screen

Screenshot_2012-12-02-14-02-20Menu Screen3

Menu Screen1

Menu Screen2

Character Catch Screen

Character Catch Screen14Character Catch Screen10Character Catch Screen3

Character Catch Screen1Character Catch Screen2  Character Catch Screen4

Character Catch Screen6Character Catch Screen5  Character Catch Screen11

Character Catch Screen7Character Catch Screen8  Character Catch Screen13



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