What’s Next for EdTech?

The future of technology is ever changing and new tech is coming out, what seems like, every day. With new advancements in technology, there are also new uses – especially in the classroom. This blog highlights a few exciting and new technologies that will be making their way into classroom in the near future.

Open Classrooms

Open classrooms in and of themselves are not technology, but rather the structure that assists tech implementation. In order to use technology, it often takes place in a collaborative setting. Opening up the floor plan by creating pods of desks, instead of rows, allows the teacher to facilitate the use of technology. The classroom becomes an efficient, collaborative environment where tech exploration thrives.

3D Printing

3D Printers are not a new technology, but the recently have become more affordable, smaller, and quicker. Due to these advancements, classrooms can start adopting the printers as educational tools. The possibilities are endless. Three dimensional models can be printed for further exploration, students can design their own blueprints to then be printed, and they can even learn how to troubleshoot and fix the tech.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, like 3D printing, has been around for a little while, but we are going to see it popping up in classrooms more in the near future. Bringing augmented reality to the classroom is possible, in part, from app development. Augmented reality used to only have been possible through expensive, clunky workstations. Now, you can create augmented reality in computer programs and view it through the camera of your smartphone.

Competency Based Education

Competency Based Education (CBE) is being practiced in higher education, but may also be used in grades K-12 someday. CBE is the practice of matching the education with an individual’s skill level. If a student posses the knowledge and understand of a course, they should not be made to sit through a class that’s too easy. Using CBE, students would skip over that class and be places a higher level up or be given more challenging work. This is all made possible with the help of the next section.

Digital Data Platforms

Digital data platforms for teachers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and simple to use. Schools are gathering student specific data from individual test scores, grades, and other metrics in order to monitor student progress. These platforms also hold curriculum materials and tools for teachers.

The world of EdTech is exciting and growing at a rapid rate. We are using technology to change our students lives for the better. Embrace new technology and you’ll be amazed at what it will do for your classroom!


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