Tech Trends Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Description
This lesson plan uses an IPad to digitally publish children’s writings. The children go through the process of selecting their favorite writing for publication. Then the children modify and edit the writing using peer review and recommendations. When the writing is ready for publishing, the teacher assists the child in converting their pages into a digital book.
Why the Included Technology is Important for Learning
Ipads and other tablets are starting to gain popularity in school districts surrounding my own. Within the next year or two our school is expecting to adopt some form of tablet computing. This summer our school purchased a few IPads and Kindle Fires for use in the summer school program as a test to their efficacy in teaching small groups of children.
Although my school is behind in adopting tablet computing compared to other local school districts, we seem to be right on track according page 15 of the Horizon Report 2012;K-12 Edition (page 19 in the document on the right). The Horizon Report states that tablet computing will be adopted within a year or less.
What is also very nice about tablet computing compared to using a standard computer is the eye hand coordination is connected. The fact that a child can touch the screen exactly where they want to interact makes tablets much more accessible to young children compared to using a mouse based computer where the interaction is not as directly connected.

Reflection About the Assignment
I really enjoyed this assignment. As an early childhood educator, you are always looking for ways to show and share with parents what their children are doing in school. I chose to use digital publishing because that is just one more way I can share with parents the work the children do in school.
This was my first experience with the Horizon Report. It was a very interesting read. I like how well written it is and how it lays out lots of way to use the different technologies. This will give me great information to share with my administration when asking for new technology. I am especially interested in the game based learning, with a projected time to adoption of 3-5 years.
I already use hands-on style learning games in the classroom. I know from this experience that games are very good at helping children learn because games are, by definition, a playful way to solve a problem. Sometimes adjusting a game’s problem to fit specific academic needs can be as subtle as changing CandyLand® color cards to cards that have the colors written out. Sometimes the adaptations are more obvious such as Bingo Math or Sight Word Old Maid.
I am very interested in incorporating technology centered game based learning in my kindergarten classroom. I am going to start with the links and references that are in the Horizon Report. I also noticed that one of the references include Minecraft. Minecraft, coincidentally, is having a camp this August centered around game based learning. I am seriously considering attending this camp.

How This Assignment Aligns with AECT Standards

1.1 Instructional Systems Design (ISD)
“Instructional Systems Design (ISD) is an organized procedure that includes the steps of analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating instruction”
  • This assignment aligns with AECT 1.1 because I analyzed a need and designed instruction to fit that need.
1.3 Instructional Strategies
“Instructional strategies are specifications for selecting and sequencing events and activities within a lesson”
  • This assignment aligns with AECT 1.3 because I chose the sequence of events within the lesson to optimized student learning.
3.1 Media Utilization
“Media utilization is the systematic use of resources for learning”
  • This assignment aligns with AECT 3.1 because after choosing a technology, I planned to use that technology resource for learning.
3.2 Diffusion of Innovations
“Diffusion of innovations is the process of communicating through planned strategies for the purpose of gaining adoption”
  • This assignment aligns with AECT 3.2 because I chose a technology that is not yet adopted by my school with the intention of using this lesson to aid in the adoption of this technological resource in the future.
3.3 Implementation and Institutionalization
“Implementation is using instructional materials or strategies in real (not simulated) settings.”
  • This assignment aligns with AECT 3.3 because I will be using these instructional materials in a real setting.

Assignment-2 Plain502.html

This assignment was to create a plain webpage. My link below is followed by the code that I used.

EdTech 502:Plain502

EdTech 502:Plain502

John Guthrie

Boise State University

Educational Technology Student

This page is a list of the projects for EdTech 502.

Project List

  • Self-introduction
  • XHTML 502.html page
  • External CSS page for 502.html
  • Netiquette page
  • Web accessibility hot links page
  • Copyright scavenger hunt
  • Interactive concept map
  • Jigsaw activity
  • Edtech home page: default.html
  • Virtual field trip
  • WebQuest
  • Participation in online discussions



John Guthrie riding his 2009 VStar 950

John Guthrie

I am an early elementary teacher. This year I taught a split class of first and second grade.
When I am not teaching, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, camping, and fishing.
I am a strong believer that technology is our future. I find that the majority of teachers that teach early elementary have little experience in technology. I want to bring technology to children in early elementary.
This year I set up a little technology center in my room and rotated children in and out of it during different times of the day. For the start up page, I used a few different strategies.
Last year, as my only real use of html coding, I “wrote” a default webpage using a combination of word and notepad that had some links on it to guide the children to the websites that I wanted them to go.
This year, the school had server issues and some of the computers didn’t have server access to use the most up to date version, or an version, of the page. As a result, I used :
-this is an easy to use, quick to load, web linking website *free
-leveled readers and matching comprehension quizzes *subscription
-you can create spelling word lists and link to your specific list *free
-basic reading and phonics skills *free
-online interactive books *free if linked through a library
-has mostly complete curriculum to supplement classroom activities *free
-math and logic based games, highly motivating and useful as a reward *free