Main Page – DD-WRT Wiki

DD-Wrt is an upgrade software to convert low end routers to perform like high end routers.

Main Page – DD-WRT Wiki.


I’m Ahead!

I am working a little ahead to give me some cushion as I finish up my last few weeks of the school year.

I am finding this content very interesting. I was up a bunch last night playing with the XtraNormal program. It is just a hoot to type in text and have characters act them out exactly they way you want them to.

Take that <insert name of famous director here>!

After posting my video, I found out that the next week’s assignments center around creating this blog / learning log. So essentially I jumped from 2 weeks ahead to almost 3 weeks ahead. The kicker is that I enjoyed doing the work. This has been pretty fun to goof around with and see what I can make happen.

If this program is going to be this interesting to me all the time, I will have to start enforcing No-Work hours just so I remember to have a life and not get so engrossed in this.

Cheers till next time,


Getting Started


EdTech 501 is allowing me to work ahead. I am camping in Grass Lake, tethered via my cell phone, getting started on grad school.

 So far I’ve learned quite a lot about different tech tools and how to use them in the classroom. This is only my first day exploring this program and already I have a ton of ideas on what I can do with some of this information and tools.